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A Book Lover’s Confession: All The Things I’ve Been Doing When I Could Have Been Reading

Things I’ve Done in 2016 That Did Not Involve Reading or Listening to a Book:

  • Set up shop at a monthly vendor spot in the Plaza District and tried to get strangers to do art projects with me.
  • Ate snow cones.
  • Hosted an art show with work made by preschoolers.
  • Hung out with Jade, who constantly schemes to steal pizza.
  • Played board games.
  • Went to weddings.
  • Ate very adorable food at weddings.
  • Hung out with Nibbler, who likes to sleep on our heads.
  • Ate some more snow cones.
  • Bought a tiny MarioKart car.
  • Worked out.
  • Saw the world premiere of our friend’s movie.
  • Went to Dallas and took pictures of things with cute people.
  • Played…slightly more difficult board games.
  • Wandered the city, until it got too muggy and my legs started to stick together when I went on walks.

2016 has been a hard year to get jazzed about, but these are some of the good memories. I’ve also read a handful of books, which I will probably-definitely-most-likely get around to reviewing before the end of the year.

What have your favorite distractions been this year?


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