photo credit: Robyn Icks Photography

photo credit: Robyn Icks Photography

“It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.”
― Oscar Wilde

I’m Sarah, an artist and early childhood education director living in the Oklahoma City area. I have tried to be an avid reader my whole life. My family taught me the great value of reading from a very young age, and many family members have been teachers and librarians. However, I noticed as I became an adult that I was finding it more and more difficult to squeeze books into my life that weren’t assigned readings for school or work. (A college friend once commented, “If only reading could be done in a vacuum!”)

In 2012, I decided to try and complete at least 25 books as my New Year’s resolution. I didn’t quite make it, but I enjoyed the challenge, so now that is my yearly goal. Sometimes I’m able to do it, and sometimes I fall short. But the pursuit is always worthwhile.

I try books that sound interesting, even if they are outside my comfort zone.

I try to read even when I feel like I’m “too busy.” (And often find that the book was a better use of time than what I had planned.)

As a result, I have become a huge fan of my local library system, the Overdrive program, and many wonderful bookshops across the country.

I also sometimes review various teas and coffees I like or beverages I think would pair well with certain books. It is possible that I am entirely too caffeinated.

When I am not reading books, reviewing them, or drinking tea, I am spending copious amounts of time working on art projects . My husband and I are the proud companions of two unruly rescue cats who would constantly change all our clocks to suppertime if they could.

I also enjoy film, biking, the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, munching on apples, and overanalyzing horror movies.


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